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Mediation is a conversation between two or more people that disagree, led by a trained, neutral mediator.  Mediation is a less expensive, time-saving alternative to court.

In mediation the disputing parties have the chance to settle their differences in a safe, confidential and efficient manner.

Mediation helps people get what they need, whether it’s peace and quiet, family unity, a financial settlement, or just a chance to be heard.

Our mediators include staff members and community volunteers who are professionally trained and committed to promoting peace in our communities.



Mediation is FREE.  


Almost any dispute may be appropriate for mediation.  Here are some of the typical cases handled by their mediation centers.

  • Neighbor disputes such as noise
  • Parent-Pledge — Parenting Plans, Custody, Visitation and/or Child Support
  • Civil matters – debt, personal and business
  • Criminal matters – assault, property damage and menacing
  • Breach of contracts
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Co-workers
  • School conflicts – student to student conflicts
  • Parenting issues such as discipline, truancy
  • Harassment
  • Special Education Mediation
  • Other Services


No.  Mediation is not a court proceeding.  Mediation is voluntary.  Both parties must agree to the process to have a mediation.  Mediators are not judges.  They are not there to make decisions.  They are there to facilitate a discussion that helps parties see eye to eye when they are going head to head and find their own solutions to the conflict.  Mediation is a cost effective time-saving alternative to court.

Manhattan Mediation Center

Telephone:  212-577-1740

Fax:  212-577-1748

Or send an email at


Call to speak with a staff person, or use the online request form:

You can contact Martha Vargas with any questions about the request process at or 718-834-6671.


NYC Business Solutions Center

NYC Business Solutions Center provides free legal and financing advice, guidance on getting NYC licenses and permits, and free business workshops.

Recognizing Human Trafficking

While not an exhaustive list, these are some key red flags that could alert you to a potential trafficking situation that should be reported:

- Living with employer - Poor living conditions - Multiple people in cramped space - Inability to speak to individual alone - Answers appear to be scripted and rehearsed - Employer is holding identity documents - Signs of physical abuse - Submissive or fearful - Unpaid or paid very little - Under 18 and in prostitution

Abductors, pimps, organized crime rings and terrorists will continue to highly profit off of human beings through slavery. By taking action and sharing information, we become part of the solution.

SCORE Resources for NYC Small Businesses

SCORE offers free workshops for small business.

SCORE NYC Counselors’ Areas of Expertise cover a very wide range of businesses and professions. In addition to including a number of attorneys, accountants and professional educators, our ranks include individuals with extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing and distribution; banking and finance; retailing and wholesaling; marketing, advertising and publicity; personnel training and management, and E-commerce and internet marketing; as well as in such specific industries as apparel, technology, restaurants and food services, footwear and others.

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