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Map of Open Streets

Bicycle Utopia NYC has an interactive map that highlights Open Streets, Open Restaurants, bicycling information and arts and culture opportunities.


Mediating Establishment and Neighbor Disputes (MEND)

The Mayor announced MEND NYC, a program to provide mediation to New Yorkers and hospitality businesses across the city who are in disputes over quality-of-life issues. This is a free, innovative alternative that can bring lasting solutions to longstanding local issues, which are tracked by complaints to 311.  

MEND (Mediating Establishment and Neighbor Disputes) NYC will serve hundreds of New York residents and businesses each year, creating opportunities to resolve disputes before they escalate to the need for formal enforcement, such as issuing summonses, which can add financial hardship to small businesses operating under new rules and guidelines. Mediation is a constructive conversation between people in conflict that is facilitated by an experienced, neutral third person. Mediation provides participants an opportunity to collaboratively design creative solutions and repair tense relationships. MEND will get businesses and New Yorkers to communicate directly and establish respectful ongoing dialogue, helping them to compromise and coexist. 

The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) will administer the MEND NYC program in partnership with the Office of Nightlife at the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. OATH is the City’s central independent administrative law court where summonses issued by the City’s various enforcement agencies are filed.  Also housed in OATH is the City’s central mediation center, the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution, which has traditionally been responsible for mediating City government workplace conflict.  MEND NYC will represent the first time OATH’s Center for Creative Conflict Resolution makes its services and expertise widely available to the general public, with mediations taking place outside of the OATH court system hearing process.  OATH has professional mediators and conflict resolution trainers at its Center but OATH has also worked diligently to partner with conflict resolution groups and law schools across the City to build up a roster of trained mediators who can assist the MEND NYC program.  These mediators will be working pro bono and will help ensure that the MEND NYC program is available to all who want to participate in this free option. 

The Office of Nightlife, a non-enforcement liaison between the City and the nightlife industry and community, will be actively referring cases where there may be chronic or urgent quality of life complaints related to a restaurant, bar, or other nightlife venue. The Office of Nightlife will also provide education and support to businesses to assist with compliance and with maintaining good relationships with their neighbors.

Metropolitan Republican Club

Address: 122 East 83rd Street, New York, NY 10028-0838 Telephone: 212-288-8606 Email: mail@metclubnyc.org

MSWAB Comprehensive Database Provides Manhattan Residents with Options for Donation, Sharing, Selling, Swapping, and more

To reduce the enormous volume of reusable household items and furnishings thrown in the garbage and sent to landfills, the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board (MSWAB) has published a database covering hundreds of organizations where no-longer-wanted items can be donated, shared, sold or swapped in New York City. This extensive resource is the first of its kind - compiled from many sources - where citizens can learn how to keep usable, good condition items in circulation, and also find great buys for quality items (or get them for free).

The database is available on the MSWAB website, accompanied by an interactive map, to help readers locate these resources.  Donate, Reuse & Repair Factsheet. Full database and map manhattanswab.org/donate-reuse-repair.


MTA mobile buses and vans - for assistance with MetroCards

Mobile sales vehicles can help with:

  • Apply for Reduced-Fare MetroCards
  • Transfer MetroCard balances (Full fare and Reduced-Fare)
  • Exchange a damaged Reduced-Fare MetroCard for a temporary replacement
  • Report a lost/stolen Reduced-Fare MetroCard
  • Ask about any MetroCard-related issues

See full schedule and locations at new.mta.info/fares/metrocard-mobile-sales 

MyCity an online portal for City services and benefits

MyCity an online portal one-stop-shop for City services and benefits, starting with child care, career, and business services.



neighborhoods.nyc is a private-public partnership between the City of New York and Vizalytics Technology, Inc. It opens up government data so that it can be seen by the public. If you allow the website to "know" your Location or enter Murray Hill as the neighborhood, you will see information about traffic, transit, schools, complaints, etc. in Murray Hill.

You can sign up to get email or text notices of 311 service requests and other public information at citygram.nyc.

New app for NYC students distance learning: Learn at Home

This app is now available on all DOE-issued iPads. The?Learn at Home app supports students’ remote-learning needs. It gives parents, students, and staff the ability to stay connected and informed through quick access to student accounts, other learning apps and technical support.

The app provides students with links to all the tools they need to attend class, complete assignments, and track their progress. The Learn at Home features can be accessed at schools.nyc.gov/learning/learn-at-home.

New York City Campaign Finance Board

100 Church Street
12th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Information for Voters, Candidates, explanation of the laws and rules.



New York City Department of Design & Construction (DDC) Projects Map

Map of DDC projects

DDC website: nyc.gov/ddc

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