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How to request a free bike rack from NYC DOT

You can request a free bike rack from the City Department of Transportation (DOT). 
CityRacks are free sidewalk bicycle parking racks, placed throughout New York City by DOT. They to encourage cycling for commuting, short trips and errands. CityRacks accommodate all types of bicycles and locks. CityRacks are not intended to be used for long-term parking. Bulk requests from Business Improvement Districts, civic associations or other groups of community members are encouraged and will be prioritized. To contact Community Board 6, email office@cbsix.org.


Internet crime (cyber crime) tips to stay safe

Key ways to stay safe on your smart phone:

  1. Do not respond to suspicious text messages. Don't even reply by messaging “STOP” or “NO."
  2. Do not click on hyperlinks or attachments in suspect messages.
  3. Take steps to filter unwanted messages or block them before they reach you.

Consumer advocates offer guidance on protecting against scam texts. Read their advice—and consider sharing it with loved ones.

  • Several mobile phone providers allow you to block a sender by forwarding unwanted texts to 7726 ("SPAM"). Check with your provider about this and other blocking options available on your phone, through your wireless provider or using a call-blocking app. Here's more from the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Do not respond to texts from unknown numbers or others that appear suspicious. Replying “STOP” or “NO” signals that your phone number is active, and your number could be sold to other criminal.
  • Keep in mind that scammers often spoof phone numbers — including in texts — by making it appear the texter is local or from a legitimate entity to trick you into responding.
  • Be extra cautious if pressured to immediately divulge information or make a payment.
  • Never share personal or financial information via a text, email or phone call.
  • If you're not sure a text is legit, contact the purported sender using a phone number you know to be legitimate.
  • Do not click on links or attachments in untrustworthy texts. If a friend sends you a text with a suspicious link, check with the acquaintance to determine if he or she has been hacked.
  • Report scam texts to the FCC, the FTC, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center and to the entity whose name appears in the suspect message.

JHS 104 Simon Baruch Junior High School

330 E 21st St, New York, NY 10010


BEDS CODE: 310200010104

INSTITUTION ID: 800000048398


Keith Powers - NYC Council Member District 4

City Council District 4 includes the Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill, Yorkville, Central Park South, Midtown East, Times Square, Koreatown, Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town, Waterside Plaza, Tudor City, Turtle Bay, Murray Hill, Sutton Place.

Contact information:

Email: KPowers@council.nyc.gov
Contact website: https://council.nyc.gov/district-4

District Office

211 E. 43 Street, Suite 1205
New York, NY 10017


Legislative Office 

250 Broadway, Suite 1815
New York, NY 10007

212-788-7366 phone


Committee on Health 
Committee on Economic Development 
Committee on Finance 
Subcommittee on Capital Budget 
Committee on Governmental Operations 
Committee on Oversight and Investigation 
Committee on Public Safety 
Committee on Criminal Justice (Chair) 

Know Your Evacuation Zone

The time to prepare is now. Know your zone. Know the hazards. Visit NYC.gov/knowyourzone to find your hurricane evacuation zone.  

Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) Permit Application Finder Map

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) Permit Application Finder map displays permit applications and issued permits for work on Individual, Interior and Scenic Landmarks, as well as Historic District buildings in all five boroughs. It includes detailed, up-to-date information on the status of LPC permit applications filed and permits issued since January 1, 2016.

Users can search by address or docket number or simply click on designated buildings and sites to see if there are any applications for work that requires an LPC permit (this includes any restoration, alteration, reconstruction, demolition, or new construction that affects the exterior of an individual landmark or building in a historic district).

For more information on how to use the map, click on the gear icon in the map's upper right corner.

To learn more about LPC permits, please visit the LPC application information page.

Map information is subject to change. If you would like to confirm the status of a permit, please contact the LPC.

Landmarks Preservation Commission Business Express Service

LPC launched a Business Express Service that will serve as a one-stop shop for business owners in landmark buildings making it easier for them to get their permits. This initiative supports Mayor Adams's "Rebuild, Renew, Reinvent Blueprint for New York City's Economic Recovery."

The LPC Business Express Service includes a dedicated hotline and team of preservationists who will offer pre-application consultation and focused application review to support businesses located in storefronts and other street-level commercial spaces in the City's designated buildings and historic districts, including restaurants, retail stores and offices. As part of the launch for LPC Business Express Service, staff will be holding virtual Open Office Hours for business owners and their representatives every third Thursday of the month. Read the press release. Business express page nyc.gov/site/lpc/applications/lpc-business-express.page

League of Women Voters of the City of New York

Email: office@lwvnyc.org

telephone: 212-725-3541

Address: 4 West 43rd Street, Suite Suite 615, New York, NY 10036

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, has fought since 1920 to improve our government and impact public policy through citizen education and advocacy. The League's enduring vitality comes from its unique decentralized structure; working at the national, state, and local levels. The League neither supports nor opposes candidates or political parties at any level of government.

While the League's legislative priorities change to reflect the needs of society, our organization remains true to its basic purpose: to make democracy work for all citizens.

For more about the League’s advocacy goals, take a look at our Impact on Issues at the local, state and national levels:

New York City League of Women Voters

New York State League of Women Voters

National League of Women Voters

LinkNYC - free telephone kiosks and wi-fi

LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind communications network that will replace over 7,500 pay phones across the five boroughs with new structures called Links. Each Link provides superfast, free public Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging and a tablet for access to city services, maps and directions.


LinkNYC is completely free because it’s funded through advertising.


Key Features

Use your personal device to connect to LinkNYC’s super fast, free Wi-Fi

Access city services, maps and directions from the tablet

Make free phone calls to anywhere in the U.S. using the Vonage app on the tablet or the tactile keypad and microphone. Plug in your personal headphones for more privacy.

Use the dedicated red 911 button in the event of an emergency

Charge your device in a power-only USB port

Enjoy more room on the sidewalk with Link’s sleek, ADA-compliant design by Antenna

View public service announcements and more relevant advertising on two 55” HD displays


for information: hello@link.nyc

to advertise: engage@link.nyc

 Link Local

Link Local is a free program for small businesses and organizations to promote campaigns and events locally while connecting with their customers and communities through Link kiosks.
Designed to help business owners and community leaders connect with customers and communities, Link Local provides pre-designed advertising templates that can be featured on selected Links throughout the five boroughs of New York City.
For further information, please contact linklocal@link.nyc.
Submit Link Local Request at https://linklocal.typeform.com/to/I3lVBn

Creating work about NYC? #ArtOnLink
#ArtOnLink showcases local artists creating work that celebrates life in NYC. The scenes, people, icons, and sentiments showcased represent NYC and create an immediate connection between the art and the city for citygoers and visitors alike.

Free Advertising on LinkNYC Kiosks for Local Businesses. Intersection, the company who owns the LinkNYC kiosks, is looking to help local small businesses by offering completely free advertising space funded by corporate sponsors. Currently, they are looking for Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprises.This advertisement does not cost any money; if you are a small business owner all you need to do is fill out this form, which takes only 90 seconds to complete.linklocal.typeform.com/to/hO1Ecvai. [Posted 11/1/2020]


Manhattan Borough President - Gale Brewer

For General Inquiries:

Email: info@manhattanbp.nyc.gov

Website contact: http://manhattanbp.nyc.gov/html/contact/contact.shtml

Phone: 212-669-8300

Fax: 212-669-4305

1 Centre Street
19th Floor
New York, NY 10007

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