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Community Board 6 - CB6

Community Board Six has an important New York City Charter mandated advisory role in dealing with land use and zoning matters, city budget, municipal service delivery and many other items relating to the quality of life of those who live, work and visit our district. They represent the area on the east side of Manhattan from 14th to 59th Streets, from the East River to Lexington Avenue, and extending west to Madison Avenue between 34th and 40th Streets.

This is one of the most diverse community districts in the city. Located within our boundaries are the United Nations complex, major academic & medical institutions and neighborhoods Stuyvesant Town, Tudor City, Turtle Bay, Peter Cooper Village, Murray Hill, Gramercy Park, Kips Bay, East Midtown Plaza and Sutton Place.

Please contact them with your community concerns.
Community Board Six Manhattan
866 United Nations Plaza
Suite 308
New York, NY 10017

Telephone: 212-319-3750
Fax: 212-319-3772
Email: office@cbsix.org

Website contact form: http://cbsix.org/get-help

District Manager: Jesus Perez, email: jesus.perez@cbsix.org

Resources for Renters


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau An official website of the United States Government

Phone: 855-411-CFPB | 855-411-2372

TTY/TDD: 855-729-CFPB | 855=729-2372

8am to 8pm ET, Monday through Friday

More than 180 languages available Fax: 855-237-2392

Mailing address

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau PO Box 4503 Iowa City, IA 52244

Headquarters address

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 1700 G Street Washington, DC 20552

CUNY Building Performance Lab (BPL) / NYC Sustainability Help Center (SHC)

City University of New York (CUNY) Building Performance lab (BPL) is an institutional platoform for research and promotion of high-performance building practices. BPL serves the city in its efforts to reduce building energy consumption through a wide range of programs geared towards industrial, commercial, and multifamily residential properties. 

FREE COURSES (visit cunybpl.org/training for schedules)

Retrofit now! Reducing carbon and complying with Local Law 97, a 14-hour course that provides information to help design deep energy retrofits.For architects, designers, building owners and managers. 

Gas safety training for building operators

Gas safety training for owners and managers

Building operator training (register at bpl.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2cu11Z4h9ctsXoG)


The NYC Sustainability Help Center (SHC) functions as part of the CUNY Performance Lab and provides free one-on-one assistance to building owners and property managers. SHC can provide information and resources pertaining to sustainability laws that impact NYC buildings. Help@nycsustainability.org, 212-566-5584. 

FREE COURSES (visit eventbrite.com/o/cuny-building-performance-lab-31972967991 to sign up for a class)

Building energy compliance seminar I: Crash course on NYC Local Laws 

Building energy compliance seminar II: Project planning and implementation 

How to benchmark your building

Benchmarking refresher for returning users

How to benchmark a campus


Curbside composting summertime tips

Compost your food scraps through the NYC Department of Sanitation’s Curbside Composting service!

It’s summer in the city!

  • To prevent odors from building up in your brown bin, line your bin with a clear plastic bag—not a black trash bag!
  • To absorb excess moisture, place dry materials such as newspaper, leaves, or baking soda at the bottom of the bin.
  • Remember to also close and latch the bin after every use.

For more tips on how to participate, go to makecompost.nyc/curbside-composting-faqs.

The Curbside Composting Outreach Team
Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability
The New York City Department of Sanitation
New York’s Strongest

Department of Buildings Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA)

The Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA), established by Local Law 161 of 2017, serves as a resource to tenants who are affected by work in occupied multiple family dwellings. Tenants may contact OTA with comments, questions and complaints concerning construction in occupied multiple family dwellings. Tenants may also contact OTA if they have questions or concerns related to Tenant Protection Plans.

Department of Sanitation Borough-Based Snow Plans 2017-2018

Pursuant to Local Law 28 of 2011, the Department of Sanitation’s final Borough-Based Snow Plans have been posted on their website. The Final Snow Plans detail DSNY’s preparedness and response for possible snow events in the coming 2017-2018 winter season. The snow plans can be found at: http://www1.nyc.gov/assets/dsny/snow/stormresponse.shtml


Attachment: Snow: Your Responsibilities

Some General Snow Information to keep in mind:

All winter weather information and information about the City’s response to the storm can be found by visiting the City’s Severe Weather Website at www.nyc.gov/severeweather or by calling 311. Also updates can found on our website at: www.nyc.gov/sanitation, where information will be updated regularly. These websites will offer you a simple and quick way to keep apprised of current conditions. You can also sign up to follow the Department on twitter.

The Department has both a plan and equipment in place for each of the City’s 59 Sanitation Districts, as described the Borough Snow Plans. Until all streets are clear and initial operations are completed, it is neither practical nor feasible to divert resources from the critical jobs to which they are assigned in order to address individual requests. Once all roads are cleared, we can review issues regarding specific locations.

The Department has worked very closely with the City’s 311 Customer Service Center to provide a forum for public information and for registering service requests and complaints. The data and information received by 311 is regularly reviewed by DSNY officials.

In order to ensure an effective response the Department designates streets as follows:

Critical Routes, such as expressways, bus routes, main thoroughfares and other roadways that contain emergency services or first responder facilities.

Sector Routes, which encompass non-Critical streets that can accommodate a full size DSNY collection truck with a plow affixed.

Haulster Routes, which service streets that have turning radius constraints, those that may be very narrow and dead ends.

It is important to keep in mind that it does take some time after the snow has stopped falling for streets to be cleared of snow to create a passable driving lane. Although a street has been plowed, it may not necessarily be black top (to avoid damaging roadways, plows do not “scape” the roadway) -- it all depends on how many inches of snow have fallen, temperatures and traffic volume.

Bureau of Community Affairs
NYC Department of Sanitation




Related Document: Snow_Removal_Your_Responsibilities_Guidelines.pdf

District Attorney - Office of the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance

Manhattan District Attorney: Cyrus Vance

Address: One Hogan Place, New York, NY 10013

Website: http://manhattanda.org

Telephone hotlines - see website

Victim services, learning and resource center, report crimes - including scams, take action

Do Not Call Registry

If you want to add your phone number to the National Registry, please visit their website at www.donotcall.gov where you will find all the instructions on how to register your telephone(s). You may register either at the website or by calling 1-888-382-1222. 

If you receive unwanted telemarketing calls, you may file a complaint directly with the National Do Not Call Registry by calling the toll free line at 1-888-382-1222 or filing directly online at www.donotcall.gov. When filing your complaint, you must have the date the call was received and either the name or the phone number of the telemarketing company.

You can find free educational materials on a variety of consumer topics, press releases, and other important information on the FTC website at www.ftc.gov.

Related Document: FTC_Do_Not_Call_info.pdf

Do you need to report litter, loitering, panhandling, cracked sidewalks, or homelessness?

Call 311, text 311-692 or visit the 311 website to log a complaint. Complaints become part of the City's electronic record, and are routed to agency staff for action.

More calls guarantee closer attention to the area.

You can also enter 311 requests online at www.nyc.gov/311.

Overflowing garbage cans belonging to the Dept of Sanitation should be reported at: http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/service/1979/litter-basket-request-or-complaint

If you see something illegal, dangerous, or someone who is a danger to themselves or others call 911 - do not call 311 if there is an emergency. Lewd, inappropriate behavior such as nudity or inappropriate sexual displays quality for 911.


The Department of Sanitation launched donateNYC, an online tool designed to make finding and giving second-hand goods easier for New Yorkers. donateNYC provides residents with a website and mobile app to help them search by material and location to find the most convenient place to give or find reusable goods. For local nonprofit organizations in need of donated goods, or businesses looking to donate, donateNYC offers an online materials exchange where they can connect, donate and receive reusable goods.

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