Con Edison Gas Installation project on 36th Street between Madison and Lexington Avenue (Project # M012021294A87)

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

UPDATE: This project was originally scheduled to be completed by October 24, but steel plates are still seen on the roadway and sidewalks and ConEd has told us that the expected completion date has been extended. The MHNA and residents along 36th Street have been communicating with ConEd about issues along this street, including noisy plates and flooding into buildings along 36th Street during rainstorms, flowing from ConEd’s excavation areas.

Community Board 6 wrote: In addition to the weekend work hours, Con Edison has also been granted some weekday work hours from 7am to 2pm on weekdays. The permit for these hours expires on November 14th. This should enable ConEd to complete this work more quickly. Crews will be working with the goal of getting this work done by November 14th, because there is a holiday embargo from November 15th until after the new year, when construction crews are only allowed to do emergency work. Community Board 6 will ask for more work hours, if Con Edison is in danger of not getting this work done before November 15.

DOT work permit street map