Join the 'Keep Murray Hill Clean' campaign! Together we can make a difference, one block at a time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Join the 'Keep Murray Hill Clean' campaign! Together we can make a difference, one block at a time.

Like many other NYC neighborhoods, The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association is faced with reduced support from the City to keep our streets and public areas clean. That’s why we are organizing a new initiative called Keep Murray Hill Clean, which will allow us to take matters into our own hands. Let's roll up our sleeves, chip in and be part of the solution. Please join us in this effort!

The spirit behind the Keep Murray Hill Clean campaign is that we make our neighborhood clean and green one block at a time. There are many ways for people of all ages and physical abilities to take part.

You can help with litter pickup. Clean streets discourage people from littering. The idea is to have at least one person per block to pitch in with litter pick up on an occasional basis. The timing is up to you. A once-a-month clean up can make a major difference. You can also do this as a family or with buddies in your bubble. The MHNA will help you get started. We will provide you with garbage grabbers, which make litter clean up much less physically taxing, heavy gloves and a Keep Murray Hill Clean safety vest.

You can join our 311 reporting circles. When you see graffiti, large scale refuse, abandoned bicycles and missing garbage cans you will report them to the city. You can report these incidents by calling 311 or through an easy-to-use online tool. The city is more likely to respond to these incidents if there are a large number of complaints.

You can use your organizational and communications skills to help us keep these efforts organized.

Sign up to adopt a block at

Read more about the group's activities 

Our Murray Hill program hopes to copy the enthusiasm and success some other neighborhoods, like the Upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen and Brooklyn have had in getting the amount of street garbage under control during the continuing challenges of the pandemic.

If you would like to take an active role in the Keep Murray Hill Clean campaign, consider joining the Green and Clean Committee and reach out to the committee co-chairs Stein Berre at and Michael-Ann Rowe at

Volunteers can adopt a block to help Keep Murray Hill Clean



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