Infrastructure upgrades on 2nd Avenue & 3rd Avenue & surrounding areas (MED607) - Construction Bulletins and Bus Stop notices

Saturday, May 8, 2021

See the Bulletins and notices at the links below for details. 

Temporary Bus Stop Closures (M101, M102, M103) until further notice

M101, M102, M103 (3rd Avenue): East side of 3rd Avenue between 33rd Street and 34th Street. Bus stop is temporarily closed until further notice. Nearest bus stops are at 31st Street or 37th Street on 3rd Avenue.

M15 Bus stops have been restored on 2nd Avenue between 33rd and 37th Street

The M15 (2nd Avenue) Local Bus Stop and SBS Bus Stop has been restored: West side of 2nd Avenue between 33rd Street and 37th Street.

Community Advisory: 5/8/2021 The city contractor removed the storage area from East 33rd St. between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. 


2020 01 Jan Temporary Bus Stop Closure (M101, M102, M103)
2020 02 Feb Temporary Bus Stop Closure (M15)
2020 03 Q1 MED607 Bulletin
2020 04 Q2 MED607 Bulletin
2020 05 May M15 Bus Stops are restored
2020 09 Q3 MED607 Bulletin
2020 10 19 Water Main installation on 33rd St beginning October 19
2020 11 15 Water Main work on 3rd Avenue
2021 04 23 Construction - week ending April 30
2021 04 Q2 MED607 Bulletin
2021 05 02 Construction - weekend ending May 2
2021 05 08 Community Advisory
2021 05 08 Construction - week ending May 14


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