MHNA 2019 Annual Survey: Better Together!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

MHNA 2019 Annual Survey: Better Together!

Methodology. This survey was sent to everyone on the MHNA email list. Our email list includes both members and non-members who have signed up for our emails. Some of our members have not provided us with email addresses. Those members would not have received this survey.

174 people responded to the survey. This represents 12% of our email list. 7 people who responded to the survey indicated that they were not members. The survey contained many free format answer fields, which allowed respondents to give unstructured answers. We thank them for their thoughtful comments. Percentages reported in the survey response summary below are percentages of people who responded to the survey.

What do you like most about living in Murray Hill? Central location (49%), convenience (49%), access to transportation (22%), sense of community (17%), historic character (14%), beautiful (12%), residential character (11%), quiet (8%), cultural & educational organizations (7%), safe (7%), tree-lined streets (7%). Other likes are the neighborhood stores and restaurants, affordability, diverse population, mix of buildings, Park Avenue malls, sedate, thriving and active.

What would you like to see more of in Murray Hill? More trees, green spaces and flowers are wanted, including in Curry Hill (22%). Respondents would like to see the empty storefronts filled with quality independent stores and restaurants, fine dining at reasonable prices, including on Lexington Avenue (17%). More traffic control, especially on streets entering/exiting Tunnel (21%). Clean streets, sidewalks and tree beds, especially on 3rd Avenue (9%), and more trash cans, no overflowing trash cans (2%). More noise control (7%), including loud sirens on 1st Avenue. More community and social events, including family-friendly events (5%). More preservation and landmarking and a larger historic district (4%). More transportation services: bring back the bus on Park Avenue (2%).

Do you want to be more involved in The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association? No (58%), Yes (17%), I am actively involved (16%). For those who want to be more involved, but didn’t provide an email address in the survey, please contact to let us know what you are interested in.

If you would like to be more involved, which committees would be most interesting for you? (check all that apply) Quality of life (safety, transportation, noise, etc.) 11%, events 6%, membership 6%, greening & cleaning 5%, preservation & design 5%, street festival 5%, business networking group 4%, newsletter 3%, merchant discount program 2%, website 2%, young professionals group 2%, grants & fundraising 1%, Park Avenue malls 1%, social media 1%, other 2%.

Have you attended a MHNA event in the past year? Yes 66%, no 25%.

If you have attended a MHNA event, which one? (check all that apply) Street festival 55%, annual community meeting 28%, holiday tree lighting or menorah lighting on Park Avenue 22%, talk or panel discussion 16%, walking tour 14%, holiday party 9%, business networking meetup 6%, cleaning and greening event 6%, valentine “Love Your Neighborhood” party 6%, ballet event 5%, Cultural Medallion unveiling 5%, young professionals meetup 3%, other 4%.

How do you find out about MHNA events? (check all that apply) Email 80%, newsletter (printed) 38%, MHNA mailings 29%, word of mouth 13%, social media 7%, other 2%.

Do you know that the MHNA hosts an annual Street Festival in June? Yes 90%, No 2%.

How did you hear about the MHNA Street Festival? (check all that apply) Email 72%, newsletter (printed) 35%, street sign/banner 29%, flyer 19%, online events calendar 8%, social media 3%, other 10%, don’t know about the Street Festival 1%.

Have you ever attended a MHNA Street Festival? Yes 85%, No 7%.

What do you like about the MHNA Street Festival? Sense of community 28%, local neighborhood participation 24%, book stall 13%, live entertainment 11%, Fun! 8%, unique stalls 7%, variety 7%, baked goods 6%, I participate as a volunteer/donor 6%, liked it better when smaller and on 35th Street 6%, booths/vendors 5%, fundraiser 5%, silent auction 5%. In addition, respondents indicated that they like the flea market, friendly people at the stalls, learning about Murray Hill history, the Park Avenue venue, having a car-free street, it represents the neighborhood.

What don't you like about the MHNA Street Festival? Same as other street festivals 25%, not enough local neighborhood stalls 9%, not enough booths/vendors 6%, lack of variety/not enough unique vendors 7%, liked it better on 35th Street as a block party 4%, garbage left after the festival 3%, too commercial 3%. Other comments were that the music is too loud, don’t like the Park Avenue street closure, don’t like street festivals in general, not enough chairs, toilets left standing for a few days. 16% of the respondents turned the question around and said that they do like the street festival.

What would you like to see more of at the MHNA Street Festival? 34% of the people responding to the survey would like to see more neighborhood vendors and nonprofits and more neighborhood restaurants at the street festival. 25% would like more artists and artisans and more unique and quality vendors, especially local ones, perhaps vetted. 8% suggested neighborhood yard sales, 5% would like more activities: meet your neighbors, zip lining, rock climbing, and need some laughs—carnival booths (pie throwing, water dunks, etc.). 4% would like more community feel (block party). Other comments were to have an animal playground and section selling pet-oriented products, to have more on local history, to get the local schools to participate, more tables for advocacy and nonprofit groups, a tent manned by real estate and renovation pros, more trash cans and more volunteer opportunities.

Do you know that the MHNA offers walking tours of the neighborhood? Yes 90%, No 1%.

Have you ever taken a walking tour of Historic Murray Hill? Yes 41%, No 50%.
If you have taken a walking tour of Historic Murray Hill, please comment on your experience. Most of the people who took the tours said that they were informative, interesting and fun (85%). 11% specifically said that they enjoyed learning neighborhood history. For some, the time was not convenient, or they were not sure if the tour was kid-friendly for a 5-year old (2%). Others requested different themes so they could take the tour more than once (3%). The house tour a few years ago was “fantastic” (3%). NOTE: For this section, percentages are based on number of people who have taken a walking tour.

What day of the week is best for walking tours? (check all that apply) Sunday 40%, Saturday 37%, Friday 11%, Thursday 9%, Monday 7%, Wednesday 7%, Tuesday 6%.

What time of the day is best for walking tours? (check all that apply) 10:30am - 12pm 31%, 1:30 - 3pm 25%, 12 - 1:30pm 18%, 3-4:30pm 18%, 4:30 - 6pm 11%, 9 - 10:30am 11%, 6 - 7:30pm 9%.

The MHNA holds an Annual Community Meeting every October. Have you ever attended this meeting? Yes 42%, No 42%, Don’t know about it 6%.

Would you like to have additional community meetings during the year? Makes no difference to me 47%, Yes 28%, No 11%.

What would you like to discuss at community meetings? The most requested topics are neighborhood and quality of life issues, specifically homelessness, noise, traffic, pedestrian safety, cleanliness, new development in the neighborhood, bike safety and bike lanes (and bike racks), crime, green spaces and greening, neighborhood improvement, public transportation and zoning and building restrictions (90%). One respondent asked for the annual meeting to be in a fully accessible location (less than 1%).

When was the last time you used your MHNA Discount Booklet? 49% of the respondents take advantage of the discount program. 26% used the discount program three or more months ago, 23% about one month ago. 35% never use it, and 1% doesn’t know about the program.

If you have used your Discount Booklet in the past year, where did you use it? Members use the discounts mostly for restaurants and liquor stores; also for groceries, shoe store, hair salon, optician and massage. One member said that a merchant did not honor the discount offer. Others said they didn’t find what they wanted at the time (restaurant). Some members indicated a preference for a mobile version or membership card to replace the booklet.

How do you prefer to read our newsletter? Email 47%, Printed newsletter 45%. REMINDER: This survey went only to people on the MHNA email list. Many of our members have not provided email addresses and receive only our postal mailings.

Would you choose to go paperless for MHNA mailings, if this were an option? Yes 56%, No 32%. NOTE: Some of the same people who indicated that they prefer reading the printed newsletter indicated that they would go paperless if it would save the MHNA money that could be used for other things.

The MHNA is on Instagram and Facebook. Do you currently follow us on Social Media? Yes 12%, No 78%.

Is there anything else you would like to comment on? In the final comments, members elaborated on quality of life, traffic and congestion, enforcement of traffic laws, pedestrian safety, bike racks and bike lanes, parking, taxes, empty storefronts, noise, greening, sidewalk sheds, activism, vagrants’ conduct and more. Many expressed appreciation for the work of the MHNA.

What is your membership category? Senior / Senior Couple 47%, Individual / Couple 36%, Not a member 4%, Young Professional 3%, Business Member 2%.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and we appreciate hearing from you.

The mission of The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association is to continue to make Murray Hill a highly desirable place to live, work and visit. Better together!


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