We are grateful to the supporters of the Murray Hill Malls on Park Avenue!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

We are grateful to the supporters of the Murray Hill Malls on Park Avenue!

For the last three years, Patrons of Park Avenue has been diligently working towards creating new, sustainable plantings on our malls that will not require as much water or maintenance and will also allow us to save money by purchasing fewer seasonal plants. This year, that work has finally come to fruition. The Stella d’Oro lilies and the Stella Rubia lilies are perennials and will bloom each year without needing to be replaced. The Liriope planted in the front of the beds holds in water so that we do not have to water as frequently. Under the guidance of Irma Worrell Fisher, the Founding Chair of POPA, we have also undertaken a vigorous planting program to reforest the ground cover on the malls which over the years has suffered the vicissitudes of freezing cold winters and broiling hot summers. In addition we have replaced the holly bushes that expired over the last few years as well as four cherry trees and four alder trees. Thank you to everyone who supported us with pledges and gifts!

Each year, we ask the buildings that line Park Avenue to donate a minimum of $2,500 per building. As this comes to $50 per week, most buildings give gladly. Last year, in 2017, many buildings gave generously to POPA, and they are listed below. Individuals and small businesses can sponsor weekly cleanings, weeding and watering programs on our malls by contributing $500 or more as Gardeners.

We are in the midst of our ANNUAL FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN for 2018. Ask your building owner or your Board of Directors if they have contributed to the beautification of the Murray Hill Malls on Park Avenue this year. If they have not, please urge them to do so. If you see your building on the list of non-participating buildings, or if your building has not participated at the full amount, please urge your Board of Directors or your Building Owner to contribute $2,500 or more!

If you would like to join us as a Benefactor, a Patron, or a Gardener, please contact John Chadwick at jchadwick@rcn.com. It is a wonderful way to show your support for our beautiful historic community.

The Murray Hill Malls on Park Avenue are the jewel in the crown of lovely, old Murray Hill. Please help us keep them that way!

BENEFACTORS ($2,500+) (2017)

2 Park Avenue
7 Park Avenue
10 Park Avenue
15-17 Park Avenue
20 Park Avenue
23 Park Avenue
40 Park Avenue
41 Park Avenue
45 Park Avenue
70 Park Avenue
90 Park Avenue
Mr. Thomas Schumacher

PATRONS ($1,500-2,499)

35 Park Avenue
67 Park Avenue
99 Park Avenue

GARDENERS ($500-$1,499)

16 Park Avenue
30 Park Avenue
48 Park Avenue
50 Park Avenue
66 Park Avenue
77 Park Avenue
Bartow Insurance
Church of the Incarnation
Christina Coleman and the Coleture Group
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
Philip and Cheryl Greenberg
Rodney Hilburn
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hochberg
Interiors by John Chadwick
Kanaris Contracting
Knockout Renovation
Mark and Josephine Mansour
Metropolitan Commercial Bank
Ann B. Newman, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Sanford Hall Carpeting
Theodore Alexander, Inc.


3 Park Avenue
4 Park Avenue
9-11 Park Avenue
46 Park Avenue
49 Park Avenue
52 Park Avenue
55 Park Avenue
57 Park Avenue
58 Park Avenue
59 Park Avenue
71 Park Avenue
80 Park Avenue
100 Park Avenue
101 Park Avenue 


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