The Mayor's anti-congestion initiative's goal is to keep traffic moving in CBDs, including Murray Hill

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Mayor's anti-congestion initiative may keep traffic moving in Central Business Districts, including Murray Hill, where noisy traffic congestion has been noted in recent years.

City To Crack Down On Drivers Blocking These NYC Intersections
March 5, 2018,, by Noah Manskar

NEW YORK, NY — Blocking a busy intersection is more likely to earn New York City drivers a costly ticket starting this week. The NYPD plans to start "aggressively" ticketing drivers for "blocking the box" at 50 key crossings around the city, officials announced Monday.

The city Department of Transportation has installed new signs and road markings at the intersections — more than half of which are in Manhattan — to deter drivers from pulling into them when there's not room to get all the way through.

The NYPD is hiring 50 new officers to bolster its enforcement efforts, city officials said. A ticket comes with a minimum $115 fine, along with possible points that could lead to the loss of one's driver's license.

[Editor's note] In Manhattan, two locations are in Murray Hill:

3rd Avenue & East 36 Street

3rd Avenue & East 35 Street

De Blasio's anti-congestion initiative also includes opening curbside lanes to traffic during the day on seven Midtown streets, barring curbside deliveries during rush hours in three congested areas, and various other efforts to improve traffic flow.

The Clear Lanes initiative will also affect Murray Hill:

Clear Lanes:  Keeping Traffic Moving in Manhattan’s CBDs (Central Business Districts)

To address congestion in the core of Midtown, the City will create continuous curb moving lanes during busy times on 11 key crosstown streets. Deliveries will generally be permitted on one side of the street, while the other curb will be signed for no standing from 6 am to 7 pm.  To enforce these Clear Lanes, the NYPD will double the Traffic Enforcement Agents (TEAs) in the Midtown Manhattan Traffic Enforcement Task Force from 40 to 80 and increase uniform headcount by 110 officers. These officers will focus on moving and parking violations, double parking, and off-route trucks. The City will also expand its off-hour delivery program to assist businesses that are interested in shifting their deliveries to less busy times. Clear Lane streets will include [in Murray Hill]:  

37th and 36th Streets (Sixth to Second Ave)


Mayor De Blasio's Traffic Initiatives


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