2017 A Great Year for the Murray Hill Malls on Park Avenue!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2017 A Great Year for the Murray Hill Malls on Park Avenue!

In 2017, we experimented with new plantings and are ready to go into 2018 with a more sustainable landscape plan. On the perimeter of each bed, new decorative grasses have been planted that will hold water so that less watering will be necessary. These grasses are perennial and will return each year. At the back of each of the beds, perennial Stella d’Oro and Stella Rubia Lilies have been planted. These lilies are bulbous and store water in their bulbs so that less water is needed to maintain them. In the center of each bed, our seasonal annuals - spring tulips, summer begonias and seasonal chrysanthemums - will be installed.

The generosity of all who supported us in 2017 is amazing and appreciated. Next year, we hope to have even more people and organizations participating with us.

The Patrons of Park Avenue and all of its activities are supported by the generosity of corporations, small businesses, and generous individuals. Each year, we ask that each of the buildings that line Park Avenue in Murray Hill contribute at least $2,500 towards the maintenance and plantings of our beloved malls. For less than $7 per day, these buildings can have their front gardens cleaned and planted, have their fences painted and mended and enjoy the beautiful blooming trees that we plant and take care of. This is quite a bargain!!

Our thanks to the generous donors of 2017:

Benefactors ($2,500-$4,900)

2 Park Avenue
7 Park Avenue
10 Park Avenue
15-17 Park Avenue
20 Park Avenue
23 Park Avenue
40 Park Avenue
41 Park Avenue
45 Park Avenue
70 Park Avenue
90 Park Avenue
99 Park Avenue

If you live on Park Avenue and do not see your building listed above, please urge your Board of Directors or your landlord to join us in maintaining our beloved Murray Hill Malls! To join, please contact John Chadwick (jchadwick@rcn.com). We will be pleased to send your building an invoice form.

Patrons ($1,500-$2,499)

35 Park Avenue
67 Park Avenue

Gardeners ($500-$1,499)

Every year, we offer the opportunity to sponsor the weekly cleaning and watering of the Murray Hill Malls to individuals, corporations and small businesses.

30 Park Avenue
77 Park Avenue
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bartow
Church of the Incarnation
The Coleture Group
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
Philip and Cheryl Greenberg
Rodney Hilburn
Interiors by John Chadwick
Kanaris Contracting Corporation
The Kitano Hotel
Knockout Renovation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mansour
Metropolitan Commercial Bank
Ann G. Neumann, Morgan Stanley
Sanford Hall Carpet
Thomas C. Schumacher
Theodor Alexander, Inc.

Tree Sponsors

Murray Hill is justifiably famous for its beautifully-lighted malls during the Holiday Season. Tree sponsorships can be purchased for as little as $500. These funds are used to light our historic topiaries and to help to pay for the cost of planting new trees on our malls.

Underwriter ($5,000+)

The Park Avenue Tavern

Patrons ($1,500-$2,499)

The New York Design Center

Sponsors ($500-$1,499)

Alban Construction, LLC
Axelrod, Fingerhut and Dennis
Una Baker
Brix Wealth Management
Comax Manufacturing Corp.
First Service Residential, New York
Flushing Bank
Greenthal Property Management
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hochberg
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Horan
Interiors by John Chadwick
J.G.M. Decorating and Construction
The John Murray House
The Lighting Gallery on Jericho Road
The Lovett Company
Murray Hill Medical Group
Rudin Management
Samson Property Management
Sanford Hall Carpet
Thomas C. Schumacher
Solstice Residential Property Group
Stonehenge Properties (C.S. Maintenance Corp.)

Thank you to all of our generous supporters. If you wish to become involved in POPA, please contact: John Chadwick, 2018 POPA Chairman, at jchadwick@rcn.com.



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