Do you have a complaint?

Do you have a complaint?

Call 311 or post a complaint on their website:


All of the local government officials and Community Board 6 have mentioned that it is most effective to report first to 311 and get a case number that you can refer to when speaking with CB6 or local politicians. You’ll get counted in the statistics this way! The more complaints that are reported about a specific issue, the faster the City will respond.

If you see grafitti or a major litter problem, please report it to 311 and also send an email with a photo, a street address, the time and a description and email it to Stein Berre at


Contact Community Board 6 (CB6):

Telephone: 212-319-3750

Fax: 212-319-3772



Overflowing garbage cans belonging to the NYC Department of Sanitation:



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