Responses to Casino survey questions

Friday, May 19, 2023

Question 1: What is your relationship with Murray Hill and its surrounding areas? (check all that apply)
Live here full time 36.6%
Live here part time 8.1%
Live between 34th & 41st Street and between 3rd Avenue and the East River 13.4%
Work here full time 7.8%
Work here part time 2.8%
Go to school here 1.8%
Own a business here 2.5%
Own property here 17.7%
Raising a family here 6.9%
Visit here  2.1%
None of the above 0%
Question 2: Please rank potential outcomes of the proposed development. (Unlikely, Somewhat likely, Very likely, No opinion)
Increased vehicle traffic and gridlock
Very likely 80.3%
Somewhat likely 14.2%
Combined 94.5%
Increased residential density
Very likely 58.8%
Somewhat likely 28.3%
Combined 87.1%


Will bring more people to the area who do not live here
Very likely 89.5%


Increased crime
Very likely 55.6%
Somewhat likely 26.4%
Combined 82.0%


Increased loitering/vagrancy
Very likely 60.4%
Somewhat likely 22.7%
Combined 83.2%


Increased safety in the area
Unlikely 57.8%


Would take business away from neighborhood independent businesses
Very likely 33.4%
Somewhat likely 26.9%
Combined 60.3%
Unlikely 27.3%


Sanitation issues (trash collection, bags on sidewalks, littering, vermin)
Very likely 59.2%
Somewhat likely 22.3%
Combined 81.5%


Gentrification - loss of affordable housing and businesses in the surrounding areas
Very likely 37.0%
Somewhat likely 26.2%
Combined 63.1%


Improved ability to accommodate rising sea levels 
Somewhat likely 27.9%
Very likely 16.4%
Combined 44.3%
Unlikely 27.6%
No opinion 28.2%


More people would become addicted to gambling
Very likely 41.3%
Somewhat likely 24.9%
Combined 66.2%


The proposed Ferris wheel would be too bright at night
Very likely 58.3%
The proposed Ferris wheel would be a positive attraction
Unlikely 50.0%


Increased economic activity to the area
Somewhat likely 42.9%
Very likely 38.0%
Combined 80.9%


The property as a whole would be much better than it currently is 
Unlikely 45.2%
Very likely 23.6%
Somewhat likely 20.4%
Combined 43.9%
No opinion 10.9%


More units of affordable housing
Unlikely 52.4%


More units of housing of all types
Somewhat likely 32.6%
Very likely 26.9%
Combined 59.5%


An improved waterfront
Very likely 32.3%
Somewhat likely 30.7%
Combined 63.0%


Property values and property taxes would increase
Very likely 32.1%
Somewhat likely 28.6%
Combined 60.6%


The neighborhood would become more desirable
Unlikely 60.2%


The area around the development would become a better place to have a business
Somewhat likely 38.0%
Very likely 19.3%
Combined 57.3%


The development would make Murray Hill more inclusive
Unlikely 65.9%


The development would make Murray Hill a better place to live, work and visit
Unlikely 64.6%


Question 3: How would the proposed development impact you? (check all that apply)
The congested traffic on the FDR drive would increase 24.8%
I would not like to see Murray Hill change its residential character 21.9%
I would be worried about having a casino close to places where children go to school 19.2%
I would want to move away from Murray Hill 10.3%
I would enjoy the amenities that are proposed 5.9%
If the neighborhood gentrifies, I would not be able to afford to live here 4.9%
A world-class entertainment complex would make me proud of Murray Hill 4.1%
I would not be impacted by the development 3.2%
I would like to see Murray Hill become more entertainment-oriented 2.7%
Having more affordable housing would make me more likely to stay in the area 2.5%
I would likely upgrade my housing to a new luxury building near the waterfront 0.5%


Question 4: How often do you currently go to 1st Avenue and the East River Esplanade between 38th Street & 41st Street? 
Occasionally 26.4%
Weekly 21.7%
Rarely 18.4%
Daily 15.9%
Monthly 11.2%
Never 6.3%


Question 5: How likely would you go to 1st Avenue and the East River Esplanade between 38th Street & 41st Street to visit a casino?
Never 49.7%
Unlikely 32.0%
Combined 81.7%


Question 6: How likely would you go to 1st Avenue and the East River Esplanade between 38th Street & 41st Street to visit a park?
Very likely 50.8%
Somewhat likely 31.6%
Combined 82.4%


Question 7: How likely would you go to 1st Avenue and the East River Esplanade between 38th Street & 41st Street for entertainment or community events?
Somewhat likely 39.4%
Very likely 23.1%
Combined 62.5%


Question 8: Do you have other questions, comments or concerns about the proposal? (free format text)

All survey open-ended responses by category

Which category below includes your age?
65 or older 45.6%
40-64 43.0%
22-39 10.9%
21 or younger 0.5%


What is your ethnicity?
White 82.0%
Asian 8.9%
From multiple races 4.7%
Some other race 2.9%
Black or African-American 1.2%
American Indian or Alaskan Native 0.3%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific islander 0.1%


What is the highest level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received?
Graduate degree 54.5%
Bachelor degree 37.1%
Associate degree 4.8%
High school degree or equivalent (e.g., GED) 2.9%
Trade school, licensed 0.6%
Less than high school degree 0.1%


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