Join the Murray Hill Adopt A Tree Program!

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Join the Murray Hill Adopt A Tree Program!

TREES beautify our streetscapes, provide fresh air, and bring so much joy to our community!

Sadly, over the last few years many trees in our neighborhood have been damaged by traffic, garbage, diseases and urban blight. This has left us in a tree survival and replacement crisis!  

With the launch of The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association's Keep Murray Hill Green and Clean program in 2020, committee volunteers have been documenting damaged trees and empty tree beds in our neighborhood. More than 150 open tree beds need care and tree replacement.

Tree replacements and tree care is from Madison to First Avenue, and 30th to 40th street.

With the Million Trees NYC program’s primary focus on underserved areas and NYC Parks Department’s three-year wait list, tree replacement and caring is desperately needed by private citizens. 

That is why we are ready to get to work on reviving the Adopt A Tree program that was launched in 1973 by the Association’s Greening Initiative (led by Pres. Ed Hochberg, VP, Dorothy Shames and Honorary Trustee, Irma Fisher). 


Funding in the past has been provided by members, private donations, building owners, and the Murray Hill Neighborhood Association, in coordination with New York City’s Parks Department.

Donating to the Adopt A Tree program will facilitate new trees in empty tree pits, stump removal, tree pit expansion and protective tree guards. We need your support in caring, maintaining and especially watering new trees in Murray Hill.

Planting trees can only take place in the Fall or Spring.  

One tree can cost $2000 - $2500.  We need to raise nearly $400,000 to replace all the missing and damaged trees, including enclosures.

Our immediate goal: to replace at least TEN trees this fall.
With this momentum we will plant even more next spring!

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!  Make a tax-deductible DONATION to the Adopt A Tree program!  
*See the QR code at the end of this flyer.

Donor acknowledgments will be made at the annual meeting. Donations of $2500+ will receive a certificate from The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association. 

WE CAN DO THIS!  Ten Trees This Fall, 2022!  
When You Adopt A Tree, the Tree gives back over and over again!
  • Beautify the Streetscape, Soften Winds and muffle noise
  • Provide Shade, Generate Oxygen and Absorb Carbon Dioxide
  • Remove Dust and Other Particles from the Air
  • Provide a Habitat for Birds

Share this information to help protect our environment! 

Do you know of potential partners who would love to contribute to the Adopt A Tree program?   

Do you want to help with the logistics of reviving this program?   

Can you share our announcement with your neighbors and building management?   

Or, do you have family and friends who would love to Adopt A Tree?


When community comes together, we “Increase our urban forest - our most valuable environmental asset made up of street trees”

Please join us in the Adopt A Tree program! 

A tax-deductible donation can also be sent via check to:
The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association
Attn: Greening
P.O. Box 1897
New York, NY 10156-1897

Michael-Ann Rowe, MHNA Trustee & Chair, Green and Clean Committee.