Adieu to Polly Guerin, MHNA member and neighbor

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

We sadly mark the passing of Polly Guerin on September 16. Murray Hill Neighborhood Association member since 1993, blogger for more than 25 years, retired professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, board member of the Art Deco Society of NYC, the Edgar Cayce New York Center and honorary board member of the Giulio Gari Foundation, singer with the St. George's Choral Society and also a board member, member of The General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen, American Revolution Round Table, The Yeats Society, the Victorian Society, creator of two video productions, author of four textbooks, several blogs, articles and columns, her books include The Cooper-Hewitt Dynasty of New York, The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York: A History (2015) and The Dynamics of Color (2018).

Always a seeker and a prolific doer, with encouraging words and a loving heart, she was one of a kind. Her colleague Victoria  Dengel, Executive Director, The General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen, said this about her, “Our beloved Polly Guerin passed away on Thursday, September 16. God rest her beautiful soul. She was a treasured General Society Member and dear friend. I am in touch with her family. The General Society will write about Polly in a future issue of the GSMT News.”

Polly's monthly blog post poem “Adieu to September” never came. It seems fitting to reprint her Poetry From the Heart blog post Metamorphosis, from April 2020, written during the pandemic lockdown. Polly now spreads her wings on a new journey.


Imagine a rare bird in a gilded cage
We remain confined with silent rage

Cabin fever takes its toll in spurts
Then soldiering on is the new alert

Fraying nerves set the heart on fire
In a lock down city weary of  desire

Let's shed our shell of discontent
By metamorphosis is what I meant

Like a cocoon that becomes a butterfly
Why nor morph yourself and try

To remove any layers of deep sadness
And renew yourself with new gladness

Your inner wisdom is the main  source
Chose colorful patterns to reinforce

Lifelong learning is an added plus
Do it now---In yourself do trust

Look for life lessons to improve
Put yourself in a brand new grove

Release limits shine with an inner glow
Your positive presence everyone will know

Claim a clean slate and spread your wings
Uncover your true self and the joy it brings

When we emerge from this virus stage
Morph yourself for the "all clear" age.


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