A Word About the MHNA Newsletters

Saturday, April 10, 2021

By: Nancy Sheran, Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Committee, like everyone else, had to find ways to operate safely during the pandemic, and to do so while bringing useful news to our members and readers in a time when our revenues are greatly diminished. We have temporarily switched to all digital newsletters. We did this reluctantly, as we know that some of our members do not have access to computers or smart phones, and others have told us that they prefer the printed newsletters. We are optimistic about New York City’s reopening and recovery from the pandemic, and we plan to resume printed newsletters as soon as we can. We are awaiting the time when neighborhood businesses are more fully reopened and thriving, our members are willing and able to participate in community activities and our neighborhood once again becomes the lively place that we love. Please reach out to us at info@murrayhillnyc.org with any news that you would like to share with other MHNA members. Put “For the newsletter” in the Subject.

In ‘normal’ times, the Murray Hill Neighborhood Association issues three newsletters a year letting our neighbors know about upcoming events, calling for volunteers, recapping MHNA activities and informing our readers about things that are going on which affect the neighborhood. The Spring and Fall newsletters are printed issues, as well as digital. We schedule the newsletters this way to announce three of the MHNA’s key events: the street festival in the spring, the annual general meeting in the fall, and the holiday tree lighting and party in the winter. But during this past year there was no ‘normal,’ as the pandemic took us by surprise. Printed newsletters are expensive to produce, and they depend on advertising to cover the cost. Instead of asking our neighborhood businesses to support the newsletter with paid ads, during the pandemic we have been doing what we can to support them. Ads have been pro bono.