Changes in the neighborhood

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Changes in the neighborhood

The corner of 34th Street and 3rd Avenue on the east side of the street is undergoing a transformation. What used to be low-rise commercial and tenement-era buildings with affordable retail, restaurants and personal services businesses on the ground and second floors and commercial or residential spaces on the upper floors, as well as a low-cost hotel, will now become two high-rise mixed-use buildings, one on each corner. Both sites are as-of right and, thus, they don’t require special zoning approvals.

Construction for 200 East 34th Street on the southeast corner of 34th has been moving very quickly. The building looks like it has reached its full height and some of the facing has already been installed. According to the sign on the construction site, anticipated completion is Spring 2022. The south side of the building is cantilevered over the Flying Cock pub, which suggests that the developer purchased the air rights over the pub.

Across 34th on the north side of the street, at 509 3rd Avenue, work is still being done on the foundation for a mixed-use 35-story building with an expected completion date of Summer 2022. However, since their work order expired on April 1 for the foundation, they may be running behind schedule. It was next to this site that a vacant building collapsed several months ago.

Photos (top to bottom) Construction site on the northeast corner of 34th Street and 3rd Avenue. Construction site at 200 East 34th Street on the southeast corner of 34th Street.