Public construction projects in Murray Hill are making progress, one is completed

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Queens Midtown Tunnel/Marginal Streets Rehabilitation Project. The rehabilitation of the QMT Exit and Entrance Streets has been completed.

East Side Access 37th Street siteWork on the ESA site at the southwest corner of 37th Street and Park Avenue is expected to resume in the coming months. The sidewalk will be repaired, a tree pit will be installed, and additional signage will be posted. Construction at this location has a potential completion date of December 2020, and ESA as a whole has a completion date of December 2022. The East Side Access megaproject will provide Long Island Rail Road service to the east side of Manhattan, supplementing existing service to Penn Station on Manhattan’s west side and Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. The project encompasses work in multiple locations in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx and includes more than 8 miles of tunneling. When completed, East Side Access will provide a direct commute between the east side of Manhattan and Queens/Long Island. Commuters will traverse a new 8-track terminal and concourse below Grand Central Terminal.

Park Avenue Tunnel Restoration. Restoration of the historic 100-year-old Park Avenue Tunnel and improvements to the adjacent crosswalks continue. The waterproofing of the tunnel roof was completed. The installation of the new tunnel lighting is nearing completion, and the installation of the new emergency response system is in progress. The contractor began painting the newly installed traffic railings and picket fences at the north end of the tunnel and began the installation of the new picket fence at the south portal. The contractor is in the process of cleaning the granite at the south approach walls. New concrete curbs in the south portal are now being installed as well as new stone curbs on Park Ave north-bound between 33rd & 34th Street. The work to reconstruct the 33rd street median is in progress. In November, the contractor will be replacing the sidewalk at 39th Street. The updated estimated completion date of the project is June 2021. 

Infrastructure Upgrades along 2nd Avenue and surrounding areas (Project MED607). The New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) is managing the $37 million capital construction infrastructure utility upgrade in various locations between 1st and 3rd Avenue and between 32nd and 36th Street. Work is also being done on 33rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue and on 35th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue. Work includes, but is not limited to, the installation of catch basins at various locations, utility upgrades, sewer upgrades, new hydrant installation, and the installation of new trunk and distribution water mains.  

The city contractor continues to support ConEd electrical work at 1st Avenue and 35th Street. Steam mains are being relocated at 3rd Avenue and 33rd Street, at 2nd Avenue and 35th Street and at 35th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, where existing water services were transferred from the existing water main to the new water main. 

Prior to the excavation and installation of the new 48” trunk water main, the city contractor supported ConEd’s relocation of the 12” gas main to the east side of 2nd Avenue between 35th and 37th Street (in front of the Queens Midtown Tunnel entrance). This involved excavation and installation of the mains. The contractor also initiated the excavation of several test pits for the proposed trunk water main connections to Shaft 32B and for steam utility relocation work.