A win-win for Murray Hill—ACE workers help pick up litter

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

By: Stein Berre & Michael-Ann Rowe

A win-win for Murray Hill—ACE workers help pick up litter

As you walk around Murray Hill, you may notice crews in distinctive red gear cleaning up litter, particularly along the high traffic areas of 3rd, 2nd and Lexington Avenues. These crews are organized by ACE, an organization that provides job opportunities to people working their way out of the shelter system. We see the help of ACE as a win-win for our neighborhood, since it contributes to our quality of life and also provides opportunities for people on their way to a better life.

We want to thank Councilmembers Carlina Rivera and Keith Powers for making this happen. The support of the ACE program helps us address the feedback we have heard so clearly from our members about the growing problems of litter in our area. The crews will work five days a week, and they will be managed and paid by ACE. This program is something we have been hoping to see happen for some time, and we are eager to get feedback from our members and  local businesses. If you would like to comment on this program, please email info@murrayhillnyc.org.

Photo: ACE worker, by Michael-Ann Rowe