MHNA Tree Guard Repair and Replacement Program

Monday, April 12, 2021

MHNA Tree Guard Repair and Replacement Program

The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association Green and Clean Committee has a program designed to help individual homeowners and residential buildings in Murray Hill repair or replace broken tree guards on their property. Tree guards (hoops) have proven very helpful in protecting our trees.

The Association will contribute 50% of the cost of repairing or replacing a tree guard, up to a maximum of $500 per installation.

In an attempt to maintain a uniform look throughout the neighborhood, we only support one style of tree guard.

Before work can begin, the Association will require the property owner to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement absolving the MHNA from any liability resulting from the work. As long as financing is available for this program, we will gladly accept all requests.

Any resident wishing to have the Association help out with a project of this type should contact the Green & Clean Committee Stein Berre and Michael-Ann Rowe are the co-chairs of the committee.

The style of tree guard we support is illustrated in the photo.

NYC Parks Department Trees & Sidewalks Program

And while you are repairing or replacing the tree guard, does the tree need a larger tree bed, or are the tree roots breaking up the sidewalk? The NYC Parks Department can help, if you live in an owner-occupied 1-3 family house. Learn more about the Trees and Sidewalks Program

Through the Trees and Sidewalks Repair Program, the City performs free repairs for qualifying broken sidewalks severely damaged by curbside tree roots in front of one, two, and three family homes only. An official inspection of the broken sidewalk will determine if it qualifies for free repair.

The City no longer permits root slicing or root pruning of City trees. Anyone with a sidewalk damaged by a City tree must request a sidewalk tree consultation. Learn more on NYC's 311 portal