Use 311 to report a quality of life issue or for information about city services

Use 311 to report a quality of life issue or for information about city services

You can use New York City's mobile 311 app, the 311 website, or call 311 to log an issue or to get information about New York City services.

When reporting an issue, all of the local government officials and Community Board 6 have asked us to report first to 311 and get a case number that you can refer to when speaking with CB6 or local politicians. Your issue will get counted in the City's statistics this way! The more complaints that are reported about a specific issue, the faster the City will respond.

Call 311 to report grafitti, litter, noise, homeless assistance, homeless encampments, unsafe traffic, condition of streets or sidewalks, overflowing litter baskets, rat sightings, traffic light and street sign problems, and more.

For homeless encampment calls, if there is no indicator of crime, you can also contact the Department of Homeless Services and email photos at They are now handling homeless outreach. Please include photos, date, time and location of the encampment and reference the 311 log # if possible.

You can also let us know at and

If you see illegal activity or danger to yourself or others, call 911.

Overflowing litter baskets can be reported online at

Contact Community Board 6 (CB6) at, Telephone: 212-319-3750, Fax: 212-319-3772, Email: office@cbsix.orgAlso contact your NYC Council Member if you are not getting help from 311.

Community Board 6 recommends

  1. Keep a detailed log of your concerns: It’s important to properly document your complaint; so write down what you are concerned about, using as much detail as possible. Also record the date and time of each occurrence so that you can establish a pattern of problematic activity.
  2. Collect photo, video or audio evidence of your concern: This kind of documentation can help prove that a potential violation occurred. Do your best to take clear photos and videos. It is also helpful to describe what you are capturing.
  3. File a complaint with 311: Document your complaint by contacting NYC’s 311 system online, through the 311 app or by phone. We are better able to follow up on your request if you can provide a 311 reference number, which is given to you when you log an issue. If you find calling 311 a little frustrating, it is often easier to file your complaint with 311 online or through the app. You can find the appropriate form by doing a Google search for “NYC 311” followed by a brief description of your issue or complaint.

    While authorities are required to respond to a 311 complaint, they may not be able to respond immediately. If the issue is dangerous, call 911.

  4. Use the CB6 Get Help Form to quickly and easily submit your complaints to Community Board 6. 

Useful links

311 online portal

Download the 311 mobile app at

Using the 311 mobile app

1 Download the “NYC 311” mobile app.
2 This is the Home page of the app. Here, you will find all the service notices and information for the day. To file a request with 311, tap the Request tab.
3 This is the Request page. You can scroll through this list and choose the appropriate type of complaint that you wish to file. Keep a record of the tracking number to report to (grafitti and homeless issues) or (litter, trees, tree beds).