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Inter-Global Media Network, Inc.


Murray Hill / Kips Bay
New York  NY
United States


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646-369-6437 (voice)


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Short Profile

Design, develop, and teach experiences making lives simpler.


Inter-Global Media Network, Inc., is Maria Campbell’s business, and she offers web development consultation, operating system (OS) consultation, building applications and web sites, teaching, and one-on-one tutoring the aforementioned subjects.


Full Stack JavaScript Developer (Front and Back)

Specialize in all things JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Works on Windows and macOS

Strong proponent of the Maker Culture as regards to web development and fosters it in her building and teaching.

Strong proponent of Git distributed version control and Command Line Interface


Digital Media Features

Team player: there is nothing like building applications that make everyone’s lives or work better, especially as part of a team.

Projects include: apps, web-audio API, speech-to-text API, canvas 2D, web sockets/, front and backend development, cross-browser compatibility, event handling, UI UX, site performance, video conferencing, and much more.



Adjunct professor at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn, N.Y. AKA CityTech.

Teacher of all things tech in the classroom and one-one-one

Philosophy and Mission: Maria feels that it is important that people (students) become better acquainted with their operating systems and understand how they work under the hood, and what better way than the Command Line Interface. In addition, Command Line is essential for developers working with a variety of developer tools.

Maria teaches on two operating systems: Windows and macOS.

Classes and private sessions take on a very hands on approach. Students learn best by doing, which is why Maria is a strong proponent of the maker Culture as regards to web development, and her mission is to foster it in her teaching.

Maria also teaches seniors about their computers.


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