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My Mold Removal NYC

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My Mold Removal NYC


1632 First Avenue
Unit #325
New York  NY  10028
United States


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212-202-3478 (voice)


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Mold inspection, testing, remediation and removal


MY Mold Removal NYC is New York City's most professional mold removal service. NYC has a vast amount of older buildings and structures. And where a commercial property or home exists, there is a chance of debilitating mold lurking behind walls, bathroom, air ducts, etc.

Mold infection is a serious health issue. Do not put your family, friends or employees at risk with this menace. In office and commercial buildings, Black, green or white mold can build up over a period of time before the effect of the infestation is noticeable.

Some mold exposure symptoms are:

Difficulty Breathing

Unable to Concentrate

Sinus Infection

Frequent Headaches

Skin Rashes

and more

It is vital that residential and commercial buildings get a regular mold inspection. For homes, getting accurate mold testing by certified professionals for basements and attics can prevent costly remediation.

If this cannot be done then you should look for telltale signs of a potential infestation of mold spores. If you have leaky roofs, walls or a damp basement, this could be a precursor to the growth of mold spores.

What you see is only the tip of the iceberg. That is why you need a mold specialist who is an expert in testing and mold remediation to solve this problem for you. The earlier you do this the better you can keep the mold removal costs as low as possible.

MY Mold Removal NYC provides:

Water Damage Restoration

They understand your concern about the need to have an accurate test for black, green, or any other type of mold that is in your house or place of business.That is why My Mold Removal NYC, uses the latest testing techniques and technology for the most accurate air quality testing.

They are experts and have been in business for years. They have extensive experience in the New York City area. That means you can trust their 100% Mold Removal Guarantee. Mold eradication is their plan and they live and breath that everyday.

Do not wait till you need major mold removal, as this will drive up the costs. If mold gets into a HVAC system or air ducts, then this will become an even bigger problem as now the mold spores have a vehicle to travel throughout a commercial or residential property.

They can help you with all of your mold remediation, inspection and air quality testing. Give My Mold Removal NYC a call.


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