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Eneslow Shoes & Orthotics, The Foot Comfort Center


470 Park Avenue South
(at 32nd Street)
New York  NY  10016
United States


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212-477-2300 (voice)



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Eneslow Shoes - the foot comfort center


Hours of Operation

Monday Thru Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:45 p.m.

Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

About Eneslow

Happy Feet Make People Happy

At Eneslow, the staff knows that every person and every foot is different. Each person walks, runs, jogs, exer­cises, and does so many other things differently than anyone else. Individuals all have differ­ent lifestyles. This is why they treat each person as a unique individual.

Since 1909, Eneslow has been helping people relieve pain, and improve balance and gait. From the simplest pair of flip-flops to extra-depth custom work boots, they aim to fit you into the footwear that’s best for you. If you have a complicated problem, feel free to chal­lenge them to help you find a solution!

The Eneslow Team is made up of highly trained career professionals with as much as forty years experience, (average 15 years) in footwear and pedorthic footcare. They currently employ twelve (12) board certified pedorthists all trained by our award winning Eneslow Pedorthic Institute (EPI) faculty. Their master shoemakers, orthopedic technicians, and skilled pedorthists work hand-in-hand to provide the best possible outcomes for every one of their clients.

Eneslow has been serving the medical community and the pub­lic by providing footwear and footcare products and services to pre­vent and relieve painful and debilitating conditions that are managed at the foot and lower extremity.

Unique problems require custom solutions!

Eneslow’s Custom Department is an on-site, state-of-art workshop where their master orthopedic technicians modify your existing footwear and fabricate custom made shoes and orthotics to meet your specific needs.

Eneslow Unique Skills and Services:

Board Certified Pedorthists

Professional Shoe Fitters

Narrow to Extra-Extra Wide Width Shoes

Prescriptions expertly filled

Podiatric consultation by appointment

Pedorthic Assessment

FREE iStep Foot Analysis

Ready Made Footcare Products

Ready Made Orthotics

Custom, Attractive, & Comfortable Therapeutic Footwear

Shop Online, Visit Our Stores, or Ask Eneslow!

For your convenience they offer footwear and foot health products online.

They invite you to meet Eneslow staff.

Please visit Ask Eneslow and discuss how they can help you with your footwear and foot healthcare needs.

While visiting one of our Eneslow retail stores ask one of their pedorthically trained staff members for a free Pedorthic foot analysis.

Mr. Robert Schwartz, C.Ped., is recognized as a leader and mentor of many in the footwear and footcare industries. For the past 40 years he has had a particular interest and focus in diabetic neuropathic feet and conservative treatment approaches. He has lectured on “The pedorthic management of diabetic foot disorders” at US Public Health Service Hospital, Carville, LA, at PFA annual symposia, at NYU Medical Center, and national and regional conferences devoted to the diabetic foot. He is renowned as a leading expert in diabetic footcare by the medical community and fills prescriptions to prevent and heal ulcers, chronic Charcot deformities, and partial foot amputations....


Eneslow Shoes & Orthotics, The Foot Comfort Center offers discounts to The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association members!

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