Love Murray Hill? We need your skills!

Love Murray Hill? We need your skills!

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The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association
Inquiries / Information
P.O. Box 1897
New York, NY 10156-1897
212-886-5867 (voice) (email)

Date / Time

Wednesday, June 28, 2023
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM


The Trustees of The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association invite you to a recruitment event on June 28th, as we seek out committee members and trustees for 2023-2024. 

Meet and greet The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association trustees. Ask questions and share ideas. Bring a copy of your resume or bio.

Our association has worked to preserve and improve Murray Hill for more than 60-years! It wouldn’t happen without the association's Trustees who have offered their unique skill sets and community service to what is one of Manhattan’s most historic neighborhoods.

  • Want to show us a project idea that would make a difference in Murray Hill?
  • Have a solution to an on-going issue in Murray Hill? 
  • Want to see more trees and parks preserved, cleaner streets, and more recreation?
  • Are you willing to just pitch in and do whatever is needed to make the MHNA a stronger association? 

Here is a list of our committees you could spearhead or co-chair as a Trustee:

Events: if you’ve got planning chops and love events, we’re looking for another individual who’s got event ideas that will speak to our membership and reel in the new!  Get to know your neighbors more with Murray Hill events!  You never know who lives in your backyard.  We partner with our neighborhood bars, restaurants and businesses!

Quality of Life: If you like to keep informed of social and economic issues that affect our neighborhood, and would like to be a liaison with our local law enforcement departments and local government officials, this committee is for you. If you would like to help address issues like traffic, noise and safety, we will welcome your knowledge and talent. 

Green & Clean: Join our Trustee, Michael-Ann Rowe and the Keep Murray Hill Clean program she started. She’s got ideas on revamping the ‘Adopt a Tree’ program that was initiated in the 70’s.  More beautification, weekend green and cleaning and St. Vartan Park activity is what this committee is all about!

Business Forum: We’ve got a seasoned Chair on this committee - Lilli knows business and if you have a good business mind, then jump on board with her. She’s invested her time in networking breakfast events that work!  Murray Hill is vastly growing and on the cutting edge of being the place to live AND do business. This committee is looking for a co-chair with more ideas and growing business membership. We've got member locations to hold business events! 

Website: For those who know a thing or two about website design, functionality and testing and want to see a project come full circle... Are you all about one click away?  We need your skills to help keep our website updated and current!  Design, functionality and content- with new funding we can take it to the next level.  Join us for that transition!  We also need someone who will work with the website administrator to learn how to enter articles, events and eblasts into the system, how to work with our credit card authorization service and how to troubleshoot issues (computer skills and knowledge of payment systems are preferred). 

Membership: Learn how to enter member data and donations in the system, make updates,  export reports and prepare materials for our printing service. Share your ideas and implement processes for how to grow our membership and how to produce membership materials more efficiently and less expensively. Be on a team that will recommend membership policy and procedure changes to the Board of Trustees. This is a mission-critical function for the association.

Social Media: With all the facts and history about Murray Hill, and activity going on, there is much to talk about on social media!  We’re off and running with this committee and inviting your social skills to add more zest!

Newsletter: Co-edit our newsletter, which is distributed in digital and printed format. Help get information from the trustees and other neighborhood organizations. Write or edit articles. Learn how to enter articles and eblasts into the website system. Learn how to prepare the newsletter for our printer. Share your ideas on how to improve the newsletter or make it more efficient or less expensive to produce.

Preservation & Design: This committee rocks with amazing facts and historic locations hidden in Murray Hill.  We have loads of celebrity homes and designs that have been preserved for years.  
If you cannot attend the event please send your resume or bio to

The mission of The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association (MHNA) is to continue to make Murray Hill a highly desirable place to live, work and visit.



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Free and open to the public!

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Meet at the East River Esplanade
(at the East River, enter at 35th or 37th Street)
New York , NY
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