Greening Committee

The Greening Committee has two subcommittees:

Patrons of Park Avenue (PoPA) / The Park Avenue Malls

Chairman: John B. Chadwick

The glorious red tulips, the magnificent pink cherry blossoms, the flowering magnolias, the summer begonias, the Christmas trees and the Menorah are all the planning and work of this busy beautification group for the Park Ave Malls (34th Street to 39th Street). Working with the New York City Parks Department (the malls are the City Parks property) the mall fences and landscaping have all been restored and / or replaced. The Park Avenue Malls in Murray Hill are the only remaining malls on Park Avenue to retain their historic appearance, and continue to be among the loveliest.

Funding to maintain this comes from private donations from the Park Avenue building owners, coop and condo buildings, private donations from members and non-members alike, and association funds.

The Street Trees of Murray Hill

Chairman: Thomas Horan

Greening Murray Hill was the major thrust of the first Street Fair (Block Party) in the Murray Hill Community. The need to help our city and the community to be a more livable community was then, and still is today, a prime interest of our association. Working with the New York City Parks Department and building owners over 400 new trees were planted during the mid seventies.

Today we care for over six hundred trees in our community. Regular fertilization, pruning, replacement and opening new tree beds are all coordinated by volunteer workers. Each tree is numbered and identified by address on our Murray Hill Tree Map.

Funds to maintain these important environmental projects come from private donations, building owners and funds raised at our annual Block Party.

The Greening Committee is also involved in other projects which help keep Murray Hill clean and attractive. With help from our growing volunteer group (fondly referred to as "The Ivy League"), we purchase, plant, and maintain ivy in the tree beds along Third Avenue each Spring.

Additionally, the Association pays for an outside contractor to clean litter from the Third Avenue tree beds twice monthly during the months of April through September.

Please consider contacting the Association to volunteer or to make a small donation to help continue our efforts. Also, please contact us with ideas or suggestions on how to improve our services.