Green and Clean Committee

Saturday, October 28, 2017

By: Stein Berre and Tom Horan, Co-Chairs

Greetings from your Cleaners and Greeners!

Our committee volunteers continue the effort to keep Murray Hill an attractive and pleasant place to live. On an ongoing basis, we work with the Parks Department in securing new tree plantings throughout the neighborhood. We suffered a bit of a setback this past spring in that the Parks Dept. did not get their tree planting budget completed and submitted on time. As a result, we were not able to obtain any new trees during the spring 2017 planting season. However, the Parks Department has indicated that they will try to make up for this loss during the fall 2017 season, so hopefully we will see some new trees soon.

Sometime in April or May we will schedule our annual Mulching Event to beautify tree beds along Second and Third Avenues. Watch for the announcements, and please join us if you can.

Our Partners in Grime teams remain active and will continue to schedule cleanup activities throughout the neighborhood. Please sign up for one of these events. You’ll find they are actually fun—and very rewarding.

Keep it Clean and Green!

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