A Bold New Look for the Murray Hill Malls!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Bold New Look for the Murray Hill Malls!

The Murray Hill Malls on Park Avenue are justifiably famous for their beauty, historical significance and impeccable maintenance. This year, the Murray Hill Malls are sporting a new look…cleaner, greener and more ecologically friendly. New decorative grasses have been planted on the perimeter of each bed that will hold water in the beds so that less watering will be necessary. These grasses are perennial and will return each year. At the back of each of the beds, perennial Stella d’Oro and Stella Rubia Lilies have been planted. These lilies are bulbous and store water in their bulbs so that less water is needed to maintain them. In the center of each bed, our beautiful annuals -- spring tulips, summer begonias and seasonal chrysanthemums -- will be installed.

The Murray Hill Malls on Park Avenue are largely supported by private donations from Murray Hill buildings, small businesses and civic-minded citizens. Won’t you please join us today? There are several levels at which anyone can participate.

Remember, the Murray Hill Malls are for all of Murray Hill to enjoy. They tell all of New York City how much we love Murray Hill and how much we value our beloved Malls!

This year’s supporters include:

Benefactors ($2,500-$4,999)

2 Park Avenue
7 Park Avenue
10 Park Avenue
15-17 Park Avenue
20 Park Avenue
23 Park Avenue
40 Park Avenue
41 Park Avenue
70 Park Avenue
90 Park Avenue

Patrons ($1,500-$2,499)

99 Park Avenue

Gardeners ($500-$1,499)

77 Park Avenue
Theodore Alexander
Bartow Insurance
Church of the Incarnation
The Colture Group
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
Philip and Cheryl Greenberg
Ben, Ashley and Hudson Harris
Rodney Hilburn
Interiors by John Chadwick
Kanaris Contracting Corporation
The Kitano Hotel
Knockout Renovation
Mark and Josephine Mansour
Thomas Shumacher
Sanford Hall Carpets

Please join us to insure that the Murray Hill Malls remain the Jewel in the Crown of Murray Hill! If your buildings are not involved, URGE THEM TO JOIN US!!!

To join, please contact:

John B. Chadwick, Jr., 2017 Chairman of The Patrons of Park Avenue
7 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10016

Email: jchadwick@interiorsbyjohnchadwick.com



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