Updates for the Construction Projects in Murray Hill

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Updates for the Construction Projects in Murray Hill

Updates for the public construction projects in Murray Hill are posted on the MHNA website in the Traffic Change Updates section. For the most current news, please visit www.murrayhillnyc.org.

Pershing Square West Renovation

The Pershing Square West renovation project, which began in Spring 2014, is expected to be completed by the end of this year. This project is managed by the New York City Department of Design & Construction. The work includes new trunk and distribution water main pipes, sewers, streetscape, street lighting, traffic signals, manholes, chambers, catch basins, hydrants, roadway reconstruction, construction of a pedestrian plaza at Park Avenue West from East 41st Street to East 42nd Street and planting of trees.

Park Avenue Tunnel Renovation

The Park Avenue Tunnel project will be completed in phases and will provide much needed structural, electrical, mechanical and fire protection improvements. Construction began in January 2017, and the work is expected to continue for approximately 24 months. NYC DOT will invest $24 million in this enterprise.

Work hours are weeknights 9pm to 6am, and weekends 9pm Friday night through 6am Monday. During this time the tunnel will be closed to traffic.

The NYCDOT is taking every measure to ensure that inconveniences during construction are kept to a minimum. Noise levels will be continuously monitored so that they do not exceed the levels established by NYC Department of Environmental Protection. Noise reducing blankets will be used during night time construction at the entrance and exit to the tunnel.

Queens Midtown Tunnel Renovation

The roadway rehabilitation of Exit Plaza lanes on the Manhattan side of the Queens Midtown Tunnel was completed during the summer.

Work continues inside the tubes to repair damages from the flooding that occurred during Hurricane Sandy. Work on the North tube was completed in July, and work is now being done in the South Tube. Nightly and weekend tube closures will continue. During these closures one tube will remain open with two-way traffic.

East Side Access Project

The East Side Access Project is managed by Metropolitan Transit Authority Capital Construction. The site at 37th Street and Park Avenue will continue to be used intermittently for material and concrete deliveries through the project completion in 2022. In coordination with City agencies and Con Edison, and at the appropriate times, the ESA project will complete the necessary utility work and restore the street and sidewalk. They will continue to provide updates and notifications to the community in advance of all work.

Update August 21, 2017. The East Side Access site on the west side of Park Avenue at 37th Street has been re-activated since August 21st to deliver materials to the facility below street level. This activity is expected to continue for approximately four to six weeks on weekdays between 7am.and 3pm.

The impact of this work on the neighborhood is the return of the construction barriers next to the Union League Club. One lane of the street is included in the work site, and a portion of the sidewalk is closed to pedestrians.

Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

Proposed MTA Emergency Ventilation Project

The proposed Emergency Ventilation Project is being managed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority/New York City Transit. The purpose of the EVP is to provide mechanical ventilation in case of an emergency evacuation of subway passengers if there is fire or smoke in the tunnel of the Lexington Avenue Subway (4, 5 and 6 lines) between the 33rd Street and 42nd Street subway stations. This stretch of track currently lacks this safety equipment.

Several planning documents for this project have being issued, with opportunities for public comment. The Draft Scoping Document (DSD) was published and a public meeting was held in 2016. A Final Scoping Document was issued, including responses to the comments.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement was published, and a public hearing took place on April 5, 2017. The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was released in July 2017. As a result of the NYCT’s analysis and review of all of the comments from the public and elected officials, NYCT has concluded that Site 12, located on Park Avenue's northbound side between East 36th and East 38th Street is the agency's preferred site. It is most likely to minimize significant adverse effects and impacts during construction and operation.

On July 26 the MTA held a Board Meeting with agenda item 4i to vote on the recommendation to approve the findings of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Emergency Ventilation Project for the Lexington Avenue subway on Park Avenue. Several Murray Hill residents and representatives from neighborhood organizations testified asking the Board to reject the project. The Board deferred this item until the next meeting, which will be on September 27.



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