MTA Emergency Ventilation Project Update - February 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

MTA Emergency Ventilation Project Update - February 2017

On February 9, 2017, The Metropolitan Transportation Authority/New York City Transit released the Final Scoping Document for the proposed Emergency Ventilation Plant in Murray Hill. 

Analyses of all of the alternatives were done from an engineering standpoint, an environmental standpoint and an economic (cost) standpoint. The final conclusion is that Alternatives 11 and 12 have the fewest adverse consequences; Alternative 11 being the best. A final decision on which alternative will be evaluated in the DEIS will be made following consideration of public input through the scoping process, including substantive comments on the Alternatives Analysis/Feasibility Evaluation (Appendix A).

You can view the document on their website:

The MTA's response to all of the questions and comments that were submitted during the public comment period is attached as Appendix C. If you submitted testimony, you can look for your name to find the answers to your questions.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement is the next document we are waiting for. Once that document is released, the MTA/NYCT will schedule another public hearing. A hearing will also be on the agenda for the Transportation Committee of Community Board 6. There will be another period for public comments following the release of the DEIS.

To summarize some of the responses:

The project is necessary in order to comply with National Fire Protection Association standard 130. Alternative sites along the Park Avenue Malls and in the Park Avenue Tunnel were evaluated, but other agencies are responsible for these sites and the MTA would not have full control of the EVP. The project is expected to take 4.5 years beginning in 2019, and the above-ground portion of the project is expected to take 2 years. Only one lane of traffic will be closed, and 2 lanes would remain open to traffic. The Park Avenue Malls will not be affected. Trees that have to be removed during the project would be replaced. The traffic and air quality issues will be addressed in the DEIS (pending).

 Updated 2/13/17




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