Park Avenue Tunnel Rehabilitation Project Is Delayed

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Source: NYC Department of Transportation

Updated 11/17/16, 2/19/17

The New York City Department of Transportation Division of Bridges maintains the Park Avenue Tunnel, and will soon begin the project to rehabilitate and repair this 100+ year old structure, which runs from East 33rd Street to East 40th Street beneath the Park Avenue malls. The project work was orginally scheduled to begin in January 2017, but the start of the project is delayed. The tunnel is expected to be closed from 9pm to 6am weeknights and 9pm to 6am weekends, Friday through Monday morning.

The work will involve structural, electrical, mechanical and fire protection improvements and will also include safety improvements at intersections and beautification of surrounding areas. For the outside renovations and improvements, the DOT is planning to use construction materials consistent with the character of the neighborhood and will restore any areas that are disturbed.

The project work will begin with Phase One which involves Work Zone Traffic Control and Asbestos Abatement and will be followed up with Phase 2 work which involves Lead Abatement.

The contractor for the project is Tully Construction Company, Inc. They will be updating the baseline schedule at the end of this month with respect to the timetable of the specific phases. At the present time, no work is scheduled to begin within the next two months.

The project will take approximately 2 years. We do not know whether we will lose lanes of traffic in the neighborhood. Please check the MHNA website for updates.

Did you know?
The tunnel once carried the New York and Harlem Railroad (NY&H) and was then called the Murray Hill Tunnel.
The tunnel was originally built as an open rock cut, completed in 1834, after which the NY&H Railroad was opened as far as Yorkville at 85th Street.
In 1854, a brick arch roof was constructed and the underground tunnel was used by steam trains.
In 1870 the railroad began using the tunnel for electric trolleys.
The tunnel is approximately 1,393 feet long.


Rehabilitation of Park Avenue Tunnel
Contract No. HBM551
PIN No. 84108MBBR345


Park Avenue Tunnel Fact Sheet Presentation


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