Church of the Incarnation Advocates Anti-Trafficking to Neighborhood Hotels

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Church of the Incarnation Advocates Anti-Trafficking to Neighborhood Hotels

Rev. Adrian Dannhauser, Associate Rector of the Church of the Incarnation, is on a mission to free the captives of human trafficking. Earlier this year she served as a delegate of the Episcopal Church to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, representing the Church's views on preventing violence against women and girls. Rev. Adrian is Chair of the Episcopal Diocese of New York Task Force Against Human Trafficking. She has been giving talks about the issue for the past year. Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar global business operating in the shadows.

The Church of the Incarnation recently launched an advocacy ministry to combat this atrocity. In May, they began reaching out to hotels in the neighborhood to let them know how they have a unique opportunity to prevent the sex trafficking of minors. The organization ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) has developed the Tourism-Child Protection Code of Conduct ( for members of the travel industry. When a hotel signs the ECPAT Code, it agrees to train employees on the signs of child sex trafficking, and what to do when they encounter a potential trafficking situation on hotel premises.

A few weeks later, members of the church's anti-trafficking group were sitting down with the management team at the Hampton Inn Manhattan’s 35th Street/Empire State Building location, two blocks from the church, to share information about the Code and the training for hotel employees developed by ECPAT-USA ( Hampton Inns fall under the larger umbrella of Hilton Hotels, and Hilton signed the Code five years ago. The ECPAT-USA training is available to tens of thousands of Hilton properties around the world, but it takes time and advocacy for the corporate policy to reach all of the hotel properties.




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