A Walk on Third Avenue with Iggy Terranova, Public Affairs Officer from the Department of Sanitation

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Walk on Third Avenue with Iggy Terranova, Public Affairs Officer from the Department of Sanitation

Several MHNA trustees and members met on Monday, February 29 to take a walk on Third Avenue with Iggy Terranova, the Public Affairs Officer from Commissioner Kathryn Garcia’s office at the NYC Department of Sanitation. The walk covered the area from 30th to 40th Street and lasted for an hour. On the tour were Enid Klass, Elaine Silber, Nancy Sheran and Joyce Mendelsohn. The purpose of the walk was to review the conditions of the litter baskets and sidewalks. Many people have noted recently that conditions along Third Avenue have been deteriorating, with damaged and overflowing litter baskets, littered and broken sidewalks.

Mr. Terranova first told the group about DSNY rules for garbage pickup and sidewalk cleaning. He also provided updates on DSNY initiatives. By July, it is very likely that cuts in sanitation that were made in 2009 will be restored and weekend (Saturday, Sunday and holiday) pickup for the public litter baskets is possible. This should help with the problem of overflowing baskets. The group noted that a second basket had been placed on the corner of 33rd Street in front of Sticky Fingers Joint. The second basket seems to be helpful in this location, but in general, he said that more frequent pickups will be a better solution for the problem. Street Fairs are responsible for their own garbage pickup.

Several of the high-end litter baskets provided by the MHNA had broken latches, causing the doors of the pails to remain open. When possible, the DOS will repair the latches at no charge. Broken baskets should be reported to DOS.

Commenting on Mayor de Blasio's CleaNYC program (for a graffiti free NYC and power washing sidewalks on commercial corridors), Mr. Terranova indicated that the program is being tested in some Business Improvement Districts.

More enforcement will be requested by Mr. Terranova to monitor businesses on Third Avenue where sanitation rules have not been followed regarding garbage put out incorrectly on sidewalks and littered sidewalks, curbs and tree beds. Property owners are required to clean and sweep the sidewalks and gutters next to their property, including 18 inches from the curb into the street. The first summons is for $100, and if DSNY has to issue another summons, it will be $300. Summonses can only be issued at specified times during the morning and afternoon. These rules and others relating to sanitation are made by the City Council and any changes we might like to see must be presented to our Council member.


Third Avenue is the primary commercial street in Murray Hill. It is a major thoroughfare in Manhattan with north directional traffic, running from Houston Street to East Harlem, and has turning lanes providing access to the East River crossings at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel and the 59th Street bridge further uptown. Several bus routes run along Third Avenue.

DSNY is the world’s largest sanitation department, collecting more than 10,500 tons of residential and institutional garbage and 1,760 tons of recyclables every day. NYC businesses generate another 13,000 tons of garbage daily, which is collected by private carting companies.

DSNY also clears litter, snow and ice from some 6,000 miles of streets, removes debris from vacant lots and clears abandoned vehicles from City streets.



DSNY complaints (or call 311)
DSNY website
Overflowing litter basket request
Report a dirty sidewalk


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