City Council Hearings on ZQA and MIH on February 9 and 10

Monday, February 8, 2016

Save the Dates to Save Your Neighborhood! 2/9/16 & 2/10/16


From News from the Fight for a Human-Scale City: Weekly Roundup #11, by LE on Feb 05, 2016

The City Council will be holding two meetings next week to hear public testimony regarding Zoning for Quality and Affordability (ZQA) and Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH). The meetings are scheduled for February 9th, at 9:30am and February 10th, at 9:30am. Located in the Council Chambers at City Hall. MIH will be the main topic on the 9th, but testimony will be heard regarding ZQA – and vice versa for the 10th.

Please note that each person wanting to give testimony is limited to two minutes. If you’d like to have something concise to say, tell the Council to vote it down or send a letter [sample letter prepared by NY'ers for a Human Scale City]. If you feel like compromise is in order, Landmark Conservancy has created some concise bullet points.

Landmarks Conservancy ZQA compromise recommendations include:

  • Eliminate contextual zones and historic districts from the ZQA proposal so as to protect their existing integrity.
  • Don’t allow for buildings to encroach on in rear yards to protect light, air and open space.
  • Retain the existing Sliver Law regulations, which restrict tall narrow buildings on side streets.
  • Bonuses for senior housing should be tied to permanent affordability—not the bill’s 30-year limit— or they should be eliminated.

Landmarks Conservancy MIH compromise recommendations include:

  • Affordability should be measured by incomes for the borough, neighborhood or census blocks.
  • MIH uses the New York Metropolitan Area average, which is too high.
  • Existing affordable housing should be preserved or replaced in kind.

Full public testimony for Landmark Conservancy’s position.

LANDMARK WEST!’s website.



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