Pershing Square West Project Continues Until Summer 2017

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Source: NYC Department of Design and Construction

Pershing Square West Project Continues Until Summer 2017

Updated 9/26/16, 10/5/16, 1/6/17, 4/5/17

The City of New York Department of Design and Construction Pershing Square West project includes installation of new trunk and distribution water main, some sewer, streetscape, street lighting, traffic signals, manholes, chambers, catch basins, hydrants, roadway reconstruction, construction of a pedestrian plaza at Park Avenue West from East 41st Street to East 42nd Street and planting of trees. This project began in the Spring of 2014 and has an anticipated completion date of Summer 2017.

Work will be performed on East 42nd Street and Park Avenue, and on adjacent streets including:

  • Park Avenue West from East 40th Street to East 42nd Street;
  • East 40th Street from Park Avenue to Madison Avenue;
  • East 42nd Street from Vanderbilt Avenue to Lexington Avenue.

Dust, noise and heavy equipment are common elements of construction and the DDC asks for your patience during the project. There may be limited street access on certain blocks. However, deliveries to commercial and residential properties and emergency vehicle access will be allowed. In addition, the DDC will be baiting the construction zone on a regular basis to control rodent populations.

During the course of this project, temporary water service disruptions will be necessary in order to replace the water mains. If it is necessary for DDC to turn off your water service, you will receive written notice by 4 p.m. the day before service interruption. Water service will be restored everyday by 6pm or by the end of work shift. If additional shut downs are required you will receive a new notice daily until work is completed.

The DDC has assigned Myriam Benjamin of JED Engineering as the Community Construction Liaison (CCL) for this project. Please contact Myriam for any project-related inquiries, concerns or to be added to the electronic Neighborhood Notification Network (NNN) list. Phone: 646-895-9271 / Fax: 646-922-7682, Field Office: 274 Madison Avenue, Suite 1704, NY, NY 10016, Email:



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